Inverted-Light-Duty-Tension-Set-for-2-Bison-full-tension-assembly Inverted-Light-Duty-Tension-Set-for-1-Bison-full-tension-assembly

Sl. No. Desc. Material Qty.
1 Anchor Shackle Forged Steel H.D.G. 1
1A Turn Buckle Forged Steel H.D.G. 1
2 Socket Eye (H.H.) Forged Steel H.D.G. 1
3 Adjustable Arcing Horn (T.S.) Mild Steel H.D.G. 1
4 Ball Clevis Forged Steel, H.D.G. 1
5 Arcing Horn (L.S.) Mild Steel H.D.G. 1
6 Tension clamp with jumper steel sleeve compression type Ext. Al. Alloy & M.S. H.D.G. 1 Set

Technical Data

  • Ball & socket designation – 16 mm as per BS:3288/IEC 120
  • Galvanising conforms to BS:729
  • UTS of hardware string – 75 KN
  • Slip strength of tension clamp – 95% of U.T.S. of conductor
  • All ferrous parts are hot dip galvanised except spring washer electro galvanised.
  • Security clips are made of phosphore bronze/stainless steel (R/W type)
  • Hardware fittings will consist of bolts, nuts, washers, spring washers and split pin where ever required.